Healthy 'Twix' Bites recipe with Cacao Powder May 24, 2016 20:15

Last week it was lovely for our Cacao Powder to get a mention over on 'The Community Juice and Smoothie Bar' Facebook page. Telling us about the delicious Healthy 'Twix' Bites they'd been creating in their community kitchen. Featuring Rise Organic Cacao Powder, Coconut Oil, Organic Lucuma, Medjool Dates and other raw and nutritious ingredients. These really look like a great alternative to the mass produced refined sugar versions you find in the shops, and we will certainly be trying the recipe here too.

A great way of making a tasty chocolate bar without the huge amounts of refined sugar you usually find in them. This version is actually good for you! This is because it swaps these sugary ingredients for Cacao, which is high in antioxidants, nutrients and contains over 300 health promoting compounds, also gluten-free, vegan and raw. What's not to love! You also avoid the inevitable blood sugar levels spiking quickly and then crashing like they do with refined sugars.

You can find the the full recipe over at the rather excellent Food Matters

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