Top 6 Health Benefits of Maca Powder and how to use it November 22, 2016 21:15

Maca Powder (also know as “Peruvian ginseng) is grown at altitudes of over 3500 metres in the mountains of Peru and is a small root vegetable from the Maca plant which is grown. Maca is known for its medicinal benefits and has been used for thousands of years by people in areas of the Andes Mountains.

It has been labeled "superfood of the Andes". I know what you're thinking, "not another superfood!" but Maca Powder does have some pretty super properties and several reasons it's considered one, such as:

It's a complete protein 
• Provides 19 amino acids, 
• Provides 4 different alkaloids,
• 20 different fatty acids,
• An abundance of Calcium (higher amounts than milk)
• Variety of vitamins including C, E, B1 (thiamine) and B2 (riboflavin).
• Also contains Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Manganese, Selenium, Iron

It also tastes pleasant too, with a malty, almost butterscotch flavour to it that mixes well and doesn't overpower other foods. 

It works well with: 

• Smoothies
• Cold drinks
• Protein shakes.
• Juices
• Porridge
• Salads

Maca Powder's flavour also works well with Cacao powder, another "Superfood". 

It's best not to add it into any hot meals or drinks as you will reduce the nutritional value of it once heated.

We've seen some great Maca recipes such as:

Warming Winter Smoothie with Maca and Raw Chocolate

Raw Maca Caramel Slice

So, how much Maca should you take?
We'd recommend just 1 tablespoon a day or a few teaspoons spread throughout the day to maintain energy. We usually throw it in our porridge after it's cooked for a vitamin boost, especially in the winter months.

6 Reasons you might want to consider including Maca in your diet...

1. Lots of Vitamins
Maca has an abundance of vitamins ranging from Vitamin B, C, and E.
It's a good source of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, amino acids and zinc too.

2. Energy booster
Many people who use Maca regularly and commented on an increase in energy levels, as well as stamina. So, if you finding it hard to keep your energy up you might find including Maca in your diet could help increase your energy levels.

Apparently, some athletes use Maca for a boost and to help maintain energy levels and performance. As well as physical energy, some have noted more focus when adding Maca Powder to their diet for a period of time. So for those with a busy hectic life and demanding job, Maca powder might be worth considering.

3. Clearer Skin
Those with skin blemishes or acne have noted that Maca has helped ease these conditions and help clear up their skin. There's no formal research to back such claims though so it's worth trying for a period of time and seeing if you're noticing any change in your skins condition.

4. Supporting Women’s health

Maca has been rumoured to help with women's menstruation as well as ease menopause. Easing of cramps, hot flushes, and balancing and evening of mood swings, and depression have also been discussed. Again these aren't research backed so are to be taken with a pinch of salt.

5. Overall health and wellness
Maca can be beneficial to your general and overall wellbeing and health. Supplying iron to the body and is helpful for cardiovascular diseases. A nutrient dense diet will always help maintain teeth and bones and as Maca Powder has some many different nutrients this can only be positive. If you are a gym goer or like to keep fit, Maca has been know to support and help build muscles and muscles mass as well as boost the immune system.

6. Mood balance
As touched on briefly above some find Maca can help with stressful periods in their life, or even with bouts of depression or mood related issues, maca may help balance these issues. Again there's no hard research to back these claims but many have recommended Maca for these reasons.

Rise Organics Maca Powder
Rise Raw Maca roots are cultivated on a 5 year rotational method without the use of pesticides. Our maca is a mixture of 4 different roots: 25% red, yellow, purple and black offering a unique nutritional profile.

They are hand selected for the best quality, the Maca root is cleaned in natural water. Once dried the Maca root is ground into a fine powder and packaged.

Want to try adding Maca Powder into your diet, you can grab yours over at the Rise Shop

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