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hemp seeds unlimited

Hemp seeds, although they've gained popularity in recent years, they are still much over looked and under valued. They are so adaptable and usable in pretty much anything. Loaded with Protein, good fats (yes, good fats) Omega 3, Vit E, zinc, magnesium and other important minerals. 

For those that like a protein top up for building muscle did you know there's 5g of protein per single tablespoon of hemp seeds, not bad going. So ditch the synthetic protein powders and get yourself a real nutritional powerhouse with all the Protein you need and actually very good for you.

They taste great with a real nutty, almost sweet textured taste, not unlike Chia seeds or flax. Like Chia seeds, Hemp seeds are very small but pack a mighty punch!

So then, how do you use these little seeds?

1. Bars and balls
When making homemade protein bars, energy balls or such like, throw hemp seeds in with them. They compliment most foods and can be baked too. So chuck them in cakes, bakes and cookies, they'll add texture and a slight crunch as well as a nutritional profile that is hard to beat. Also most people won't even notice you're sneaking them some nutrition, so they are great for getting good food past the kids in the guise of 'treats' or 'sweets'.

Chewy Superfood Hemp Protein Bars


Raw Hemp and Chia Seed Bars

raw hemp and chia seed bars

2. Salad days
One over looked area for hemp seeds to thrive is in salads, they add interest, nutrients and texture to a salad, as well as making it more filling. Just sprinkle them in. Here's some great salads that make use of Hemp seeds:

Cucumber, Carrot and Hemp Seed Salad

 Speedy Summer Hemp Power Salad

speedy summer hemp power salad


3. Granola
Granola is a great place to pack seeds and grain into, hemp seeds are a great addition to whatever else you want to put in them.

Super Seed Trifecta Granola

super seed trifecta granola

Hemp Protein Granola Bars

hemp protein granola bars


4. Hemp Milk
Hemp milk is also overlooked and is a great alternative to other milk such as dairy, nut and soy. Nutritionally it's fantastic good source of protein, calcium and many other vitamins and minerals as mentioned above. This makes it far more nutritionally beneficial than everyday cows milk.

Happy Hemp Milk Recipe

happy hemp milk


5. Hemp Smoothies and Drinks
Ah, the good old smoothie, Hemp Protein powder is usually more suitable for smoothie but with a good blender and if you don't mind a more textured drink then Hemp Seeds can be used well. 

Mint Melon Peach Smoothie

mint melon peach smoothie

 Hemp Power Protein Smoothie

hemp power protein smoothie superfood


6. Hemp Meals
One of the best ways to get Hemp seeds into your diet is to just throw them into your existing meals, they don't add any huge change in flavour, they add texture and bags of nutrition.

Cauliflower Hemp Burger

cauliflower hemp burger

Lemon Hemp Seed Pesto

lemon hemp seed pesto a giveaway


7. Hemp Breakfasts
Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, well it could be the most nutritious by following some of these recipes and adding hemp into your breakfast regime.

Hemp Porridge

hemp porridge

Happy Hemp Superfood Breakfast Bowl

happy hemp superfood breakfast bowl

 Other ideas include:

• Add into your Pasta Sauce
• Chuck Hemp seeds in your Yogurt
• Sling it into cauliflower for mock mashed potato
• Add more texture and nutrition to your Salad dressing
• Throw into Chia Seed Pudding

So as you can see Hemp seeds are versitile, to say the least.
Grab yours over in the Rise Shop and let us know how you use yours!

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