Raw Organic Cacao Nibs / Rise Organics Cocoa Nibs 500g

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Rise Organics Cacao are grown in the rich soils of South America. The raw cacao beans are collected, broken apart and left to ferment and dry prior to being washed and crushed into small pieces or 'nibs'.

One of the best nutritious Superfoods, raw cacao nibs are the one of the least processed and most natural form of raw chocolate. Cacao does have a chocolaty taste, but is considered to be a little on the bitter side. This is because it's in its natural form with no refined sugar or anything else added to it. Cacao nibs can be eaten as snack as they are, or added to pretty much anything else. Good matches for it are smoothies, trail mix, porridge, cereals, raw chocolate bars, desserts, baking.

Huge Nutritional Health Benefits:

• Protein: High in vegan plant protein
• Magnesium: One of the top 10 ranked superfoods
• Iron: An ounce of Cacao Nibs has 6 % of the recommended everyday iron intake
• Calcium: High in Calcium
• Fibre: High in dietary fibre
• Antioxidant: Rich in flavonoids with high concentration of Antioxidants to combat free radicals.

Theobroma Cacao translates as "Food of the Gods",  grown in the fertile soils of South America.
Vegan natural protein, cacao nibs increase energy and have over 300 healthy compounds.
Cacao nibs also contain one of the largest sources of Antioxidants - more than red wine and up to 3 times more than green tea. Can improve heart health and immune system.

100% pure, UK Soil Association certified Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-free
Packed full of goodness, especially rich in magnesium, sulphur and antioxidants.
NO fillers, binders, colours, additives, chemicals or preservatives NOTHING IS ADDED and is Non GMO.

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